Our Team

Olga Rothschild, LMHC

Executive Director

Olga Rothschild is the Executive Director of Rothschild Mental Health Counseling. Olga utilizes an eclectic therapeutical approach including Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioral, Gestalt, Motivational Interviewing, Family Dynamic Techniques and other approaches.

She is a certified EMDR practitioner. Her focus is on the client, their issues and concerns as they're gently guided toward recovery and healing. She works with clients on their most immediate issues of concern at the beginning of the therapeutic process, and then focuses on identifying client's long term goals to help them achieve their goals, and pursue their dreams. She believes that being able to reach one's goals is one of the fundamental ingredients of success, and can help clients identify, and move toward their goals (whether it may be to decrease their suffering, depression, anxiety, improve relationships, pursue vocational goals, or other goals). Olga is a fluent, bi-lingual Russian speaker.

Shelly Gill, LMHC

Supervising Therapist

Shelly is a compassionate, warm, and experienced therapist skilled at creating a nurturing and therapeutic environment in which you can move toward reaching your wellness goals. She views therapy as a partnership and believes that building a collaborative safe space for you to express your thoughts and feelings is essential to grow and become the best version of yourself.

Shelly works with adolescents and adults struggling with a variety of concerns, including relationship issues, self-esteem, depression, anxiety, trauma, and intimate partner violence. She uses cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, and client-centered therapy, incorporating a variety of techniques to meet your needs.

Joshua Levitt, LMHC

Supervising Therapist

Joshua is an enthusiastic and empathic Licensed Mental Health Counselor with experiences ranging from mental health clinics and foster care agencies to public schools, and the department of education. He has worked extensively with children, adolescents, families and adults covering topics such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, trauma, life transitions, self-esteem, and reaching both short and long term life goals.

He provides a safe and nurturing environment, building strong rapport, to allow clients to both express themselves freely as well as develop and practice life, organizational, and coping skills. He engages in an eclectic approach synthesizing techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic approaches, family systems theory, and mindfulness and more.

Justine Brathwaite, LMHC

Supervising Therapist

Justine is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who strongly believes in the power of connection to forge the path towards healing, growth, and discovery. She believes that the therapeutic alliance should be a safe, enriching, supportive and collaborative environment that nurtures self-efficacy and self-awareness. Using a person-centered, non-judgmental, strength-based approach, Justine has worked with clients from diverse populations and backgrounds in recognizing that everything they need is already within them and the therapeutic process is a way to understand and piece together their unique tapestry through authenticity and self-compassion. Read more...

Justine's approach to therapy is eclectic and integrative, largely shaped by and tailored to meet each client's individual and unique needs and strengths. She embraces and utilizes various psychotherapeutic modalities and techniques through a person-centered, trauma-focused, and culturally aware lens, including, but not limited to, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Gestalt theory, Psychodynamic approaches, mindfulness techniques, and solution-focused therapy. Justine has experience working with children, adolescents, families and adults who have been impacted by loss and bereavement; interpersonal and relationship concerns; separation and divorce; anxiety; and depression.

Valerie Bull, LMHC

Supervising Therapist

Valerie is a non-judgmental, understanding, and easy going therapist who provides a safe space to express your thoughts and feelings. She provides support and insight that will help you learn about yourself and how to effectively solve your relationship and behavioral problems.

Depression, anxiety, loneliness, feeling stuck and unable to move forward in life can be relieved with solution-focused therapy. Understanding how, among other things, your childhood experiences may produce self-defeating behaviors and low self-esteem can help you make the positive changes that you want in your life. You may also have more specific issues such as: gender identity, OCD and relationship issues, etc. Together with the client she explores any obstacles that might be holding them back from the happiness and love that they deserve. Valerie enjoys working with adults and couples.

Kency Legg, LMHC


Kency is a bilingual (English and Spanish) Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor with a passion for providing the utmost quality of services to individuals seeking to improve their lives. She brings over 5 years of experience working in the mental health field with a culturally diverse population. She enjoys working with adults and their families. Her interests and specialties include serving clients with: grief and loss, trauma, women’s issues, acculturation/immigrant issues, stress, relationship issues, anxiety, and depression. Read more...

Kency’s clinical vision is to ensure an atmosphere of safety and compassion for clients and their families to experience their vulnerabilities while sharing their stories. To meet an individual’s unique presenting needs, Kency implements an eclectic therapeutic approach including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Person-Centered, Gestalt, Motivational Interviewing, Emotionally Focused and Trauma Focused interventions.

Elizabeth Friedman, LMHC


Elizabeth is a warm, positive therapist that emphasizes empathy, humor, and deep meaningful questions as key components in a successful therapy session. She views therapy as a non-judgemental place where you can feel safe to express your whole truth while learning how to build self awareness. Understand the effect you have on the world to understand how the world is affecting you. Elizabeth believes you can fit in and be unique, you can learn to build the life you want, and you can learn how to break toxic cycles within your relationships. Elizabeth is set out to help you learn person-centered, relatable techniques that can bring the change you want to see in your life. Read more...

Elizabeth specializes in working with families and focuses on helping families create a strong unit in order to help improve self efficacy, communication skills, and setting boundaries and more. Elizabeth also specializes in all things relating to anxiety especially OCD picking disorders. She uses an eclectic approach which includes but is not limited to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Empathy, motivational interviewing, with a high emphasis on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Jacqueline Collazo, LMHC


Jacqueline is an empathic therapist who walks with her clients on their healing journeys. She believes therapy should be supportive, collaborative, and direct. Jacqueline’s focus is on providing a compassionate, safe, and non-judgmental environment for all the clients she serves. She helps clients recognize thoughts, behaviors, and patterns rooted in the past, which may be affecting the present. Jacqueline will work with clients to develop effective coping strategies and achieve goals for healthier behaviors, choices, and relationships. Jacqueline is trained in EMDR. She works with individuals, couples, families, children, and adolescents providing therapy in English or Spanish. Read more...

Jacqueline has experience working with individuals, couples, families, children, and teens in outpatient, private practice, and hospital settings. She recognizes the ability to heal is within every person. Jacqueline uses a psychodynamic approach with additional treatment modalities as appropriate to help clients achieve growth and change with a variety of issues, including communication issues, relationship conflict, family issues, anxiety, depression, PTSD, anger issues, and addictive behaviors. Jacqueline is a New York State Licensed Mental Health Counselor with over 20 years of experience. She received her Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Russell Sage College.

Kylie Valent, LMHC


Kylie is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who has experience working with children, adolescents, families, and adults. Kylie specializes in depression, anxiety, relationship and communication issues, trauma, and parenting difficulties. Kylie treats her clients with respect and compassion and believes everybody deserves an unbiased, non-judgmental listener to promote positive change. Read more...

Kylie works from a client-centered, values-based modality with an approach that combines psychodynamic, rational-emotive and cognitive-behavioral therapy. Kylie draws from different schools of thought in order to best fit the needs of her clients. She also incorporates different aspects of mindfulness into her practice.

Michelle Lev, LMHC


Michelle is a licensed Mental Health Counselor in New York State. She has experience providing therapy to children, adolescents and adults and helping them through all types of mental health issues such as ADHD/ADD, Anxiety, Bipolar, Depression, Schizophrenia, Selective Mutism, life transitions, interpersonal challenges, and family conflict. Michelle also has experience working with families in the justice system to help resolve family conflict and create a change for the better. Read more...

Michelle believes in the effectiveness of Psychodynamic talk therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques, and mindfulness techniques to help clients work through the challenges in their lives. To make the most of therapy, Michelle believes a client must feel safe, not judged, and related to in a professional and personable way. Michelle's therapy will be specific to your goals, and collaborative in nature. She looks forward to working with you.

Jessica Cullen, LMHC


Jessica is a licensed mental health counselor with experience working with adults, children, and adolescents. Using a person centered and strengths based approach, Jessica provides a safe and caring environment for patients to take the steps towards growth and healing. Jessica has experience working with patients struggling with depression, anxiety, psychotic disorders, crises, substance use and various life stressors. Read more...

Jessica believes in the effectiveness of therapy and working collaboratively using but not limited to cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and dialectical behavioral therapy. She is confident that working together will allow her patients to recognize unhealthy thoughts, feelings, and emotions in order to develop strong coping skills and accomplish personal goals.

Salihah Hughson, LMHC


Salihah is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who is passionate about the power of therapy to provide self-insight, catharsis, and coping mechanisms as clients work through the challenges of present day and process the traumas of the past. She brings experiences working with children, teens, adults, and families in child welfare, educational, and outpatient settings. Areas of interests and specialties include supporting clients struggling with low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, family/interpersonal conflict, trauma, and grief and loss. Read more...

Salihah approaches therapy in a collaborative and strength-based way, meeting clients where they’re at and supporting them through an individualized and authentic process of healing. In working with Salihah, you can expect transparency, humor, and compassion as you work towards your goals. In her clinical practice, Salihah utilizes a range of relevant therapeutic approaches to meet the needs of clients including cognitive behavioral therapy, functional family therapy, mindfulness, and more.

“All the world is full of suffering. It is also full of overcoming.” – Helen Keller

Miriam Jalani, LMHC


Miriam is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who has experience working with adults and children and utilizes an eclectic approach. Miriam was inspired to enter the field after observing mental health being considered a taboo in minority communities. Her goal is to continue her work with individuals who come from communities in which their concerns are not validated and need external support. She believes therapy is vital for individuals for self-awareness, self-improvement, and to achieve their best potential.

Kelly Yu, LLMHC


Kelly is a Limited License Mental Health Counselor supervised by Shalinder Gill, LMHC. Kelly’s life philosophy and approach to therapy are one in the same – finding personal meaning to all of life’s experiences. She utilizes an eclectic therapeutic modality to personalize therapy for each individual by implementing cognitive behavioral techniques with psychodynamic and humanistic approaches. Her experience includes working with adults with depression, anxiety, stress, life transition concerns, trauma, grief and bereavement, relationship and career issues, and identity development difficulties. Read more...

Whether you are seeking therapy to address a concrete issue, such as difficulty within your relationship or career, or an abstract issue, such as finding meaning and fulfilment to your life, Kelly views therapy as a collaborative partnership between you and herself. She believes exploring the answers hidden within you in a safe and supportive environment can help you achieve your highest potential. Kelly is here with you along your journey on taking new, exciting, and bold steps in your life.

Gita Sawhney, LLMHC


Gita is a Limited License Mental Health Counselor supervised by Justine Brathwaite, LMHC. Gita is a warm, empathetic and holistic therapist, who believes in the power of the therapeutic alliance. She believes that it is so important to be comfortable and have a good rapport with your therapist. She is someone who understands the importance of good communications, forging stable relationships and creating boundaries. Together she will work to heal, explore and challenge you to achieve your goals.

Yulia McClamrock, LLMHC


Yulia is a bi-lingual Russian speaking Limited License Mental Health Counselor supervised by Joshua Levitt, LMHC. Yulia works with a humanistic and empathetic approach aimed to help families, adolescents and adults to navigate through the unpredictability of life, while also building confidence, resiliency, and self-efficacy. She believes in implementation of gentle and integrative therapeutic approaches such Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Person-centered approach, Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy, and Behavioral Therapy. Read more...

Developing coping and stress management skills, becoming aware of thoughts, feelings and behaviors to fully take control over life are important goals when dealing with depression, trauma, anxiety and stress. In order to build such skills effectively, Yulia is focused on building therapeutic alliances and collaborative relationships with individuals.

Alina Bondareva, LLMHC


Alina Bondareva is a Mental Health Counselor with a Limited Permit. She holds a master's degree in Mental Health Counseling from Brooklyn College. As a mental health counselor, Alina's goal is to create a compassionate and validating atmosphere for the client to feel safe to explore themselves, their emotional world and to share their findings. Alina enjoys working collaboratively with the clients to help them heal by discovering and enhancing their personal strengths and striving towards an improved and healthier life. Read more...

Alina utilizes a combination of psychodynamic, interpersonal, cognitive-behavioral, and solution-focused therapeutic modalities to help the clients embrace themselves and reduce the stress and suffering in daily life. Alina has experience working with young adult and adult clients struggling with various emotional disturbance and life challenges, including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. She also works with the clients to address grief, loss, sibling relationships, career challenges and opportunities, and marital and relationship issues. With a non-judgmental and supportive approach, Alina provides clients with knowledge about the diagnosis, tools to achieve the goals, and skills to improve the quality of life.

Dinara Kuatova, LLMHC


Dinara is a bilingual Russian-speaking Limited License Mental Health Counselor supervised by Kylie Valent, LMHC. Dinara is an empathic counselor who builds a trustful and respectful environment when helping people to overcome life's challenges and to find effective solutions. She believes that mental health is closely connected to physical health, and together with her clients she helps to recognize, explore, and mitigate causes of distress that prevent her clients from achieving their goals. Read more...

Dinara has experience working with children, families and adults from diverse cultures. Her therapeutic specialties include social anxiety, parenting issues, challenging life transitions, low self-esteem and depression, among others. While working with clients, Dinara implements a full variety of psychotherapeutic approaches and modalities, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Person-Centered Therapy, Family Systems Therapy, and Play Therapy for children.