Our Team

Olga Rothschild, LMHC

Executive Director

Olga Rothschild is the Executive Director of Rothschild Mental Health Counseling. Olga utilizes an eclectic therapeutical approach including Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioral, Gestalt, Motivational Interviewing, Family Dynamic Techniques and other approaches. She is a certified EMDR Level 1 practitioner. Her focus is on the client, their issues and concerns as they're gently guided toward recovery and healing. She works with clients on their most immediate issues of concern at the beginning of the therapeutic process, and then focuses on identifying client's long term goals to help them achieve their goals, and pursue their dreams. She believes that being able to reach one's goals is one of the fundamental ingredients of success, and can help clients identify, and move toward their goals (whether it may be to decrease their suffering, depression, anxiety, improve relationships, pursue vocational goals, or other goals). Olga is a fluent bi-lingual Russian speaker.

Valerie Bull, LMHC

Senior Therapist

Valerie is a non-judgmental, understanding, and easy going therapist who provides a safe space to express your thoughts and feelings. She provides support and insight that will help you learn about yourself and how to effectively solve your relationship and behavioral problems. Depression, anxiety, loneliness, feeling stuck and unable to move forward in life can be relieved with solution-focused therapy. Understanding how, among other things, your childhood experiences may produce self-defeating behaviors and low self-esteem can help you make the positive changes that you want in your life. You may also have more specific issues such as: gender identity, OCD and relationship issues, etc. Together with the client she explores any obstacles that might be holding them back from the happiness and love that they deserve. Valerie enjoys working with adults and couples.

Dianne Ghiraj-Castor, LMHC


Dianne is a non-judgmental, compassionate, culturally competent psychotherapist who utilizes eclectic therapeutic approaches that includes psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral, motivational interviewing, solution-focused strategies, play therapy, and client centered therapy. Dianne specializes in treatment of individuals ranging from childhood to adulthood. She works with individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship stressors, behavioral issues as well as other difficulties. She fosters a safe and welcoming environment that gives clients the space they need to openly discuss their challenges. Dianne believes that therapy is a collaborative approach in which she guides clients towards their identified goals. Dianne is a published author on racial cultural issues.

Michelle Meyerovich, LMHC


Michelle is a culturally competent psychodynamic psychotherapist who utilizes various cognitive-behavioral techniques and solution-focused strategies. Having experience working with age groups ranging from adolescents to adults, she can support individuals struggling with various transitions surrounding identity, relationships, sexuality, and career. She works with individuals struggling with depression, anxiety,trauma, grief and bereavement. In utilizing evidenced based practices that address many issues, she works with the client to create an in-depth comprehensive treatment.

Daniel Fayerberg, LMHC


Daniel believes that therapy is a process that involves work, both from the therapist, as well as from the individual seeking therapy. He meets clients where they are, and helps them get to where they need and want to be. Daniel is certified in Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT), and with Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). He also utilizes a Psychodynamic approach to help with understanding the past in order to help my clients to face the present and future. In addition, Daniel incorporates Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) in therapy. Daniel has extensive training in working with clients from varying socioeconomic backgrounds as well as cultures. Daniel can communicate in Russian and Spanish. He has worked extensively with individuals who identify as LGBTQI, and has extensive experience working with adolescents and teenagers.

Annabel Amir, LMSW


Annabel is a compassionate, caring and experienced therapist who believes that psychotherapy is a wonderfull tool for change. She's analytical and posseses great knowledge of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Psychodynamic techniques. She's culturally sensitive and speaks fluent Russian, Kyrgyz and Uzbek. Her personality is warm and she is diligent in helping people improve their lives. She is sensitive to acculturation issues and provides psychological support to recent immigrants.

Sheindel Goldberger, LMSW


Sheindy Goldberger, LMSW, graduated magna cum laude with a BA in psychology from Touro College, and an MSW from Hunter College, Silberman School of Social Work. She has had experiences in various clinical settings, including a hospital (partial hospitalization program), and mental health clinics. Her style is warm and empathic; her therapeutic approach is cognitive-behaviorally focused, having been trained under the supervision of a psychiatrist to treat adults, adolescents and children. Sheindy specializes in treating the full spectrum of anxiety disorders (GAD, SAD, OCD, etc.) and depression. Additionally, she has received training in EMDR to treat trauma survivors, and for CBTh (CBT and hypnosis) for those suffering from chronic fatigue (chronic illness, cancer etc.). Sheindy is fluent in English and Yiddish.

Malvina Makagon

Office Manager

Malvina is the office manager for Rothschild Counseling. She is responsible for keeping the day to day operations running smoothly. Malvina has many years of experience in the business world working for major companies. She is a fluent English and Russian speaker.

Alexsandra Kalish

Administrative Assistant

Alexsandra is an Administrative Assistant at Rothschild Counseling. She is responsible for front desk operations and serves as a liason between patients and therapists to assure quality care. Alexsandra is fluent in English and Russian.

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